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Don’t ThinkPad T60(2007B45) OSX86


My colleadgue showed me his DELL laptop is running OSX 10.5.1, I’m interesting with it, so i try to installed OSX 10.5.1 on my ThinkPad T60, i have done it.if you want to try it, here is something you shoud know:

  • iATKOS v1.0i

  • Don’t use speedstep patch with custom setup, only chooise EFI, Broadcom

  • important: After installation, BEFORE REBOOTING, launch Terminal and delete IOPCCardFamily.kext

rm -R /Volumes//System/Library/Extensions/IOPCCardFamily.kext

  • Good luck





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Try ScrumWorks


上周四晚和 He jia 一起吃晚饭,他来自一个让人尊敬的团队-Opera,他提及 Opera 开发团队在尝试使用 Scrum 来管理开发过程,今天试用了一下,想感受 Scrum 与 basecamp 这两个 Agile development management tool 之间有何差异。

Scrum 更重视跟踪工作过程中每个项目的完成情况,而 basecamp 更重视工作过程中的交流。


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