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How to migrate Linode from Dallas to Tokyo?


  1. Open a ticket request migrate linode instance to Tokyo
  2. Linode customer service will reply the ticket notice your IP address will change, if this is acceptable, Linode will configure migration to Tokyo.
  3. Log into Linode Manager, shut down, and click the migrate button to move to new server, it will take several hours move data from Dallas to Tokyo datacenter.
  4. Boot linode instance
  5. Setup network from "Remote Access" in Linode Manager, here you have to use command "ifconfig -a" see if your eth0 changed to eth1, then setup:
    /etc/resolv.conf, update nameserver to DNS resolvers in Remote Access interface
    /etc/network/interface, setup eth0 or eth1.
  6. Update dns record to new IP.

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