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来自 HiPiHi 和 Novoking 的糟糕虚拟世界体验


又看到Tangos写了一篇关于Virtual World的Blog,于是心血来潮试用了一下虚拟世界HipihiNovoking. 体验不是一般的差。


Novoking 0.94 beta 版的画面和行走体验都要HiPiHi好多了,登录后,穿着短库在里面跑了5分钟,终于找到了时装店,由于操作的不灵便,花了15分钟才晕晕的买到一身服装。里面也就没人可以交流。


与其说 Hipihi 和 Novoking 是Web 2.0的社区,不如说是只有粗糙场景的3D游戏雏形。我本人非常看好这一类的社区产品,希望他们哪家能做好了,于是我到虚拟世界里去开个烤鸭店,或在Virtual World里卖麦当劳,然后送到现实人的手中,岂不是很好玩?



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Looking for UI web-graphics Designer


UI web-graphics Designer
P1.CN is looking for an experienced UI web-graphics designer to work in a key position of the product design. You are required to design pages from function specifications and prototypes. The position is full-time in our main office at the 28th floor of Chaowai SOHO Tower, Beijing.


* Design webpages from function specification and/or prototypes/sketches
* Develop, implement and extend style guidelines
* Keep pages on pixel perfection
* Facilitate the user experience


* 3+ years experience working in a related field
* Understand the product and its goals
* Understand the users thoughts & needs on a design level
* Sketch drawing
* Expertise in Photoshop
* Expertise in any webeditor available (such as Dreamweaver, Namo, etc.)
* Deep understanding of the social networking space
* Good understanding of written and spoken english
* Ability to handle the pressure and fluidity of a start-up environment
* Extremely detail oriented down to pixel-perfect implementation

Bonus points

* Active in the design community
* Experience with Illustrator, InDesign
* Knowledge of web-programming is welcome (RubyOnRails, PHP, etc.)
* Knowledge in XHTML, CSS


Email a@p1.cn
Skype: alexander.frederiksen


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Good by Jianwai SOHO, Hello Shaowai SOHO.


Our company has been moved to Shaowai SOHO from Jianwai SOHO yesterday.

We have stayed in Jianwai SOHO for 16 months.

We are in Shaowai SOHO from now on.

New Office, New P1.cn !


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Try FiveRuns Manage 2.0


Server stat:

Linux p1 2.6.24-1-amd64

Nginx 0.5.35

ruby 1.8.6 (2008-03-03 patchlevel 114)

rails 1.2.3

mongrel (1.1.4)

Try progress:

  1. Sign up an account for FiveRuns Manage

  2. Install fiveruns_manage client on Deban sarge

    $ wget http://manage.fiveruns.com/system/downloads/client/manage-installer-linux-ubuntu-64bit-intel.sh

    $ sudo sh manage-install-linux-distro-xbit-intel.sh

  3. click “I’ve Finished the Installation” in FiveRuns Manage dashboard, pick up which Subsystems & Applications should be monited.

  4. get report

  5. wow, the Interactive Metric Graphs is really cool!


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