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Fun With Google Maps


Tom Managan’s Fun With Google Maps 提供了两个非常好用的Google API Extension, 使用这两个Extension可以轻松的向Google Map上加入自己希望的Label, 强烈推荐:

TPhoto API Extension

While figuring out how to lay my own images into the Google Maps interface, I ended up with some pretty useful javascript, so I bundled it up as a tightly integrated extension to the official API.

TLabel API Extension

While I was building the Blackbird project, it bothered me that the info windows were so big, even if I didn’t have enough text to fill them. TLabel is my answer to that problem. With it, you can label a point on the map and only take up as much map-space as you need. Now I just need to go back and use it on the Blackbird page.




http://www.gmaptools.com 提供BpBrowser, BpDownloadUrl, BpLabel, BpMarker, BpMarkerLight, BpMarkerList,BpWindow 等非常有用的Google Map API扩展。

http://www.econym.demon.co.uk/googlemaps/ 介绍了一系列为自定义Google Map的方法。




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