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Interview with Lei You in Shanghai


i’ve received an email from lei you(Photographs right) last week, he is an Australian Chinese, i’ m very glad to meet him in shanghai today. the email contain his brief below:

Hi Jesse,

I’ve been a keen reader of your blog for a while, back when chinaonrails was online, you called for a consultant team in china. I’m very interested in the proposal, just wondering whether you are still going ahead with that idea?

I have worked on rails for the past few month, and gained some hands on experience with rails, disected\fixed several plugins (including acts_configurable_settings, file_column, markaby) and written a few of mine own (although unpublished). Ruby was in fact a new language for me. However my background in Python & Java made the transition smoother, and perhaps my initial thrive to find the best plugin set for my own project also made it easier (it turns out that many plugins weren’t written by sufficiently experienced programmers, and a lot of them required some taming for my purposes). Anyhow, I guess my own experience could well help many others (and I will soon share them on railscn) .

he would really like to work on some projects along with an innovative team, if you can offer ruby on rails position or start-up project with rails please contact me. and perhaps someone can look for jobs from rubynow.com, the site provide any job for anywhere in the world for Rails development, BSD work, or anything else, just as long as there is some relation to Ruby.


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