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Something About China


Maybe every Chinese is familiar with the following terms in Chinese, but can you recognize them in English?

• Astronomy, mathematics, and chemistry in the embryonic stage
• Mercantilism (重商主义)
• Since 1451 – Donation for Official Post System
• The hereditary system (世袭制度) ->imperial examination system
• Emperor Yangdi of the Sui Dynasty, Reunification
• Confucianism(儒家学说)’s Four Books and Five Classics(431,286 words)
– The Four Books (四书)
• The Great Learning (大学); The Doctrine of the Mean (中庸); The Analects of Confucius (论语); Mencius (孟子)
– The Five Classics (五经)
• The Book of Songs (诗经); The Book of History (书经); The Book of Changes(易经); The Book of Rites (礼记); The Spring and Autumn Annals (春秋)

All the material above are copied from the courseware of Professor Guo.

Link to Something About China


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