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Is this details information true?


This is to acknowledge you that I have received your mail. I live in a communist state and am government official, this reason has make me be very careful, I have arrange with a lawyer to assist you in transferring the fund to your account safety through the bank funds managers after the name of beneficiary of money have be change to your name. My dear I really need your commitment and trust toward this transaction.
 You are to send to me the following information below.
 1). Your full names.  
 2). Are you married?
 3). What is your age/sex?   
 4). What is your profession?
 5). Send your phone and fax numbers and Address.
 6). Are you an orphan or have you orphan friend or Relative?
 7). Valid Driver license or passport?
 8). Country.
When you answer the questions and send me more of your information I will introduce you to the bank and the lawyer.
 Please keep this business secret.
 I wait to hear from you soon.
Best Regards,
Caiwangqin  說:

I am having spring holiday in People Republic of China, so reply to you later.

2007/2/19, Mou Xinsheng <mou_xinshengxx1@yahoo.com.hk>:

Dear Friend,
Thank you for your reply to my first email. I needed to be very sure of you before I disclose my identity for confidentiality purpose. I could not give you my true details in my first contact because I felt it would be huge surprise for you to receive such email from a serving minister of the People Republic of China. Now that you have replied the correspondence with interest I will give you more information about myself and the business.
My name is Mou Xinsheng (Minister of General Administration of Customs of the Peoples Republic of China).
Forgive me if you see my business proposal as shameful and not honorable because of my governmental status. But please excuse me and understand that this is the situation I am and must find a credible partner in the western world.
In my years of government service as Narcotics Control Commission and General Administration of Customs, I have received kick backs from smugglers and business people seeking favors from me and as a public officer my bank accounts are monitored hence I diverted the funds Thirty million United States dollars for safe keeping abroad.
I want you to receive the money which has been in deposit since the last Two years. When the money is in your bank account, I want to use Sixty Percent of the money for charity to help orphanage Children suffering (You will spare head this project and my name will not be mentioned).You will receive Twenty Percent as your commission and I will take the remaining Twenty Percent as my share which I intend to settle with in your country.
Please consider this proposal and reply to me soon. It will certainly do you no good to report me to my government authorities or devuldge this information to anybody because doing so will only destroy my person and my career.
Mou Xinsheng





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