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BackgroundDRb service started, but MiddleMan.all_worker_info is empty.


按这个指引安装了BackgrounDrb, 在启动BackgrounDrb服务时发生了错误,导致服务看起来已经启动成功,但没有worker. Google了一些页面,发现这个问题还很普遍,于是给BackgrounDRb的作者gethemant咨询问题,以下是问题解决过程(需要从下往上读):

Thank you very much for your quickly response, I installed the debian system 1 year ago, the ruby might be installed by manually. Gem also using tar.gz.

Best Regards,

Jesse Cai (蔡望勤)

Blog: http://www.caiwangqin.com

Email: 1@p1.cn


发件人: gethemant@gmail.com [mailto:gethemant@gmail.com]

发送时间: 2008年10月23日16:37

收件人: Jesse Cai

主题: Re: 答复: backgroundrb service can started, but MiddleMan.all_worker_info is empty.

Your rubygems setup looks weird, because if its set properly, it

should automatically add require “rubygems” on top, because if packet

is install through gem command, each executable will be wrapped in a


Also, packet_worker_runner should be in path. Did you install rubygems

from debian repositories, rather than using tar.gz file? Thats known

to create problem for folks.

On 10/23/08, Jesse Cai <1@p1.cn> wrote:

> I have resolved this problem, the problem is the same as

> http://thr3ads.net/backgroundrb-devel/2008/09/372582-more-on-leopard-problem

> .

> To resolved this problem on Debian :


> 1. Add “require ‘rubygems’” to /var/lib/gems/1.8/gems/packet-0.1.

> 14/bin/packet_worker_runner, before require “packet”


> 2. ln -s

> /var/lib/gems/1.8/gems/packet-0.1.14/bin/packet_worker_runner /usr/bin/


> –

> Best Regards,

> Jesse Cai (蔡望勤)

> Blog: http://www.caiwangqin.com> Email: 1@p1.cn

> 发件人: Jesse Cai [mailto:1@p1.cn]

> 发送时间: 2008年10月23日11:47

> 收件人: ‘gethemant@gmail.com’

> 主题: backgroundrb service can started, but MiddleMan.all_worker_info is

> empty.

> Dear gethemant,

> I’m sorry to trouble you.> i’m trying backgroundrb 1.1, i can start backgroundrb service, but

> MiddleMan.all_worker_info is empty.

> i’m using packet (0.1.14),chronic (0.2.3)

> i have searched from google, and got many same error about : Invalid worker with name notice_worker and key

> /var/lib/gems/1.8/gems/packet-0.1.14/lib/packet/packet_connection.rb:52:in

> `ask_worker’

> Could I have any tips from you?> –

> Best Regards,

> Jesse Cai (蔡望勤)

> Blog: http://www.caiwangqin.com

> Email: 1@p1.cn

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