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a new start


Since i resigned P1.cn, i have lived in Shenzhen for 1 month. There is a lot of rain in South China, the weather is extremely wet, Beijing was very dry. so it's a little bit uncomfortable for me, but now it's getting better. especially i'm happy live together with my family.

Lot's of friends ask me about my next job, now i can reply you that i'm preparing a new startup, you probably can see it in the next few months. thank you all very much!

I'll write some articles for my previous startup project in last 3 years when i have time, share you about the growth and pain stories for the startup.

I believe that if we have good ideas and competent humble people, everything gets done very fast, no decision making, clean and simple and focus on customer value. we will be succeed.

Of cause, we will using ruby on rails to implement our project, we have decision to make it with Rails3 and Haml.

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