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Ruby on Ralis blogging site collections


这是一位Rails学习笔记收集的Ruby on Rails博客站点,几乎包含了全球最热的Rails Blogger,稍后我也会整理公开我的订阅的Rails Feeds, 将会比这个更全面。

Slash7 feed Author is writing a rails book for Pragmatic Programmers.

jlaine.net feed

Loud Thinking by David Heinemeier Hansson feed Creator of rails.

Techno Weenie feed

Mike Clark’s Weblog feed

mir.aculo.us feed

O Reilly Ruby feed

Obie Fernandez feed

PragDave feed Author of the Agile Web Development with Rails and Programming Ruby books.

Riding Rails feed Official rails blog.

Robby on Rails feed Writing a rails book for O Reilly.

Ruby Quiz feed An excellent way to learn ruby.

Shades of Grey feed Ruby tips.

Jamis Buck feed Rails core member.

Cody Fauser feed

jvoorhis feed

Signal vs Noise feed

I am rice feed

Eric Goodwin feed

Softies on Rails feed

Rails Express feed

Ruby Corner feed A ruby blog aggregator.


Here are some more that I stumbled across.

has_many :through feed

Tampering with Technology feed

RealityForge.org feed

RailsExpress.blog feed

OnRails.org feed

nuby on rails feed

techno weenie feed

Scott Raymond feed

karmacrash feed

brainspl.at feed

6 short of a dozen feed

Ruby on Rails Podcast feed

RubyGarden feed

Ruby Weekly News feed

Link to ralis相关的博客网站


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