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P1 Carnival


P1 Team

秋天向来被认为是北京最好的季节,所以有金秋之称。在这个金秋,P1.cn 在鹅和鸭农庄举行了首次 P1 Carnival 。在这次 P1 Carnival 中,我们回顾了 P1.cn 在过去的18个月中的的历程,更加坚定了方向,壮大了团队。

P1 大事记:

2006-09:Founders met in sweden

2007-03:Start-up team in Beijing JianWai SOHO

2007-04:Basic site launched, was called P1AY.cn

2007-06:P1 Technology team build up

2007-08:P1 T-Show in Mix Club for sale Versace

2007-09:Community version launched, Named P1.cn

2007-09:Start Streetstyle photograph in Beijing

2007-10:Start Streetstyle photograph in Shaighai

2007-11:P1 Content team build up

2007-12:Start Streetstyle photograph in Hongkong

2008-02:P1 Sales team build up

2008-05:P1 move office from 2001-2002, JianWai SOHO to 28th floor, ChaoWai SOHO

2008-05:P1 Administration team build up

2008-06:Go to SiChuan with Zhouxun

2008-07:P1 Marketing team build up

2008-08:Reach 300,000 high-end members in China


2008-09: P1 php team build up

2008-10: Canon activity

2008-11: Samsung activity

2008-12: simple web instant message for P1.cn

2009-01: P1.cn new gallery launched

经过了18个月的发展,P1 Team 从2007-03月的5人扩展到了2008-09月的50人(未完全统计北京,上海,香港的摄影师),P1.cn 的会员达到了30万目标会员。

Click here to see more about P1.cn

P1 大事记

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