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Blogger API sucks or GWF sucks?


It's too difficult to import Wordpress to Blogger, I tried to import my old blog entries from Wordpress to Blogger, but faild. i found useful tool blogsync and wordpress2blogger, neither can works in China. blogsync can only import the first english blog entry then report 'connection reset by peer' error, the python script can't import any entry at all, after i execute the python script, i can't reach blogger website with browser for 1 to 2 minutes. it seems i got the GWF problem. and i can't reach Blogger website through any Blog client software, i have tried Microsoft Live Writer and Zoundry Blog Writer, now i'm tring to post this blog entry through Google Docs, Good luck to me!

[Google Docs says 'This document has been published to your blog.', but i can't see any update on my Blog, so post it on website with Firefox manually.]

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posted by Caiwangqin, 19:03


时间 2008年12月5日 18:04 , Blogger Caiwangqin 说...

It is GFW's fault.



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