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bindolabs - company description for jobs


Why Bindo Labs?

Bindo Labs is a small company incorporated in Hong Kong with a small development office in Shen Zhen. We are on a mission of developing the world's most effective, secure and friendly online marketplace as well as an innovative payment system which will initially be deployed in the United States. Our developers are exceptional and our team is one of a kind. We hope to conquer the e-commerce world and we need your help to do just that.

We are only getting started! Thus, we are looking for key people who are ambitious and ready to making an impact. Be prepared to help us navigate epic challenges on the horizon as we are building a company to last. If you are talented, creative, fun and, most importantly, ready for the challenge, we would love to have you on board!


We believe in the democracy of ideas and transparency within the company. Every week, the entire company gets together with founders to share learnings, thoughts and ideas on the shared missions.

Bindo Labs is a company that values diversity, so prepared to collaborate with top-notch engineers and designers from the United States and China.


Bindo Labs strives to create an environment that spawns productivity and happiness. Besides corporate housing that integrated with a open, collaborative workspaces, we provide the best equipment in the industry. Most importantly, everyone gets a meaningful stake in the company's long-term success.

A brief list of benefits:
- Competitive salaries
- Corporate housing
- Stock options
- Vacation days & time off
- Macbooks & Macbook Pro with external monitor
- Corporate sponsored activities - hiking, KTV
- opportunities to work in Hong Kong

Job description

Senior ruby on rails developer


Implement major new features and feature improvements
Identify and solve compatibility issues
Work closely with the Product and Design/UX team to steadily improve user experience and the feature set
Work closely with the Backend team to profile and optimize code for performance


2+ years experience working on a high volume website
Expertise in Ruby on Rails, MySQL and memcache required
Expertise with MVC methodologies required
Expertise with HTML/CSS experience required
Expertise with Javascript required, along with experience using a JS framework (Prototype, JQuery)
Experience with ActiveRecord-style ORM required
A history of working on modern web applications
An unhealthy obsession with building efficient, clean, and modular code and data structures
An understanding of the issues surrounding large-volume websites and scalability
An ability to work seamlessly between client-facing and backend code
Ingenuity to leverage all the tools at your disposal to eke out every last bit of performance and build the best user experience possible
A history of working in a cache-heavy environment and an innate understanding of issues surrounding cache
A desire to be personally responsible for production-level code
A preoccupation with staying on top of industry trends and technologies

Web frontend engineer


Implement major new features and feature improvements
Debug issues on the web websites, based on user reports


3+ years experience with rich web applications
Experience on Web Designing using Photoshop, Flash
Strong Advanced HTML, CSS experience
Strong Client Side / Front-end design and development experience including AJAX and OO Javascript
A history of working on modern web applications

please send you CV to jesse.cai@bindolabs.com to apply, both chinese and english are accepted, welcome send me email for related question.

posted by Caiwangqin, 17:16



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