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There are something you can't missing in Nanshan district of Shenzhen China, the one of them is CHAIHUO MAKER SPACE (柴火创客空间). if you want to be entrepreneur for your own Start-up,  you could meet some people interesting in your project there, find collaborators, marketer working together get the project done. Thanks Michelini get me there yesterday night, he is one guy speaking English but love to use Weibo, has a tablet translator to read Chinese, funny.

Yesterday was the first SZ Team Startup Tuesday Meetings of Chinese Dragon Year, Michelini want to make the meet up weekly, i hope this will make Shenzhen start-up community active. Haegwan Kim bring his startup platform Lifecraft, this platform focus on collaboration for beginning start-up projects, to help entrepreneur get contributors work together, and feedback. i thought it's a stackoverflow and basecamp mashup, but have CONTEXT on user profile, let entrepreneur easy to find contributor to get wishes done.

CHAIHUO has lot's of event allow free to join, another meeting organized by Shenzhen DIY Lab (深圳DIY实验室) every Thursday. Free party, Open source! It worse to go when you have ideas and live in Shenzhen.
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