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Groovy 是超级明星开发人员 James Strachan 和 Bob McWhirter 发明的,它是一种敏捷开发语言,完全以 Java 编程 API 为基础。


Groovy 通过以下方式落实了这些宗旨:




使其脚本可以在普通 Java 应用程序中使用。

提供一个 shell 解析器。

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1、良好的IDE工具,目前Eclipse plugin和UltraEdit plugin太弱智

2、对某些新特性的支持并不是太理想,这一点Mike Spille 在Groovy : First Contact中有讲到,如:


The main purpose of the above quote is apparently to stun the user into a stupor by firing alot buzz words at you, and to avoid telling you what Groovy is at all costs. What it probably should say is, were I the publicist for the team, would be:

The Spille Version Groovy is a new scripting language built on top of the standard Java 1.4 JVM. It combines features from languages like Python, Ruby, Smalltalk, and Perl in a very Java-like syntax which has full interoperability with Java classes and code. The language looks like a close cousin to Java, but implements decidedly non-Java constructs such as Closures, regular expressions, here-documents, and optional relaxation of static typing as first class language constructs.

You might say that Groovy feels an awful lot like Ruby, but looks far more like Java - and most importantly Groovy code can directly call Java code, and vice versa, and Groovy itself compiles down to plain old Java bytecodes.


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