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Should i buy iPhone 5 or waiting for next bigger screen iPhone?


I don't like iPhone5's new connector, it is not compatible with my JBL speaker. but my iPhone 4 become slow and slow, the home button is not working sometimes. so i Jail-broke my iPhone only for get Activator works, it allow me use Slide Gesture go to switcher and back to home while physical home button unresponsive.

The most useful apps for me on iPhone is process email, read PDF book, Stuck in Weibo, Instagram, Flipboard, other social reading apps and Evernote, a few times play game like sudoku.

I really need one big high resolution screen like Galaxy Note2, Galaxy 4S, but Android is not my favor.

iPad mini is not good to carry,  you can not put it into pocket. both iPad mini and iPad are for use at home.

Will iPhone release 5 inch screen version like Galaxy S 4? mobile really become life companion.


posted by Caiwangqin, 18:18



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