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Arrival Palo Alto


After about 13 hours flying, i'm land in San Francisco airport, for the check in US, Everyone need to fill the "Customs Declaration" Form on the plane, it's very easy, normally the flight attendants give you the English version, they also had Chinese version. here is the form in Chinese:
Before pick up package, need to give passport, customs declaration, and I20 form to the customs officer, and have a simple conversation with him. usually the officer is very nice, for me he just asked 2 questions: "so are you going to palo alto?", "yes". "is this your first year to the school?", "yes, it also my first time to US". then asked me put my right hand 4 fingers for fingerprint collection, take a photo of me, let me go.

Thanks my friends drive to pick me up from the airport to Palo Alto home, after put down packages, we had a lunch in Hong Kong Restaurant(香港小馆), we order food in Mandarin Chinese, it seems i'm still in Shenzhen. Today is sunshine, The weather also similar to Shenzhen.

I'll be Sofia University tomorrow, i'm so excited can not get to sleep.
posted by Caiwangqin, 09:01



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